Meet the B0XX.


The year is 20XX.

Within the competitive Super Smash Bros. Melee scene, the ergonomic shortcomings of the Nintendo Gamecube controller have taken their toll on many players. Enter the B0XX, the controller Melee has been beckoning for since its inception. Featuring twenty Sanwa arcade buttons and zero analog sticks, the B0XX allows you to push your character to their limits while preserving your hand health – an experience unlike ever before.

Fair, balanced, and tournament legal.

Straightforward and intuitive.

Through clever design, the process of angling recovery moves such as Firefox on the B0XX will shatter your expectations. Master angling within minutes and get back to playing your A-game.

The most compact arcade-style controller in the game.

2001 meets 20XX.

No Wii U adapter necessary.

Less hassle, more Melee.

Never miss a tournament due to a faulty cable. The B0XX utilizes a reversible USB-C to Gamecube cable to make your life as easy as possible.

USB-C to Gamecube cable included.

Say goodbye to claw grip.