Melee's definitive update has arrived just in time for the 20th anniversary. 1.03 provides Melee with all of the must-have modernizations and makes for an experience unlike ever before.

-HUD and QoL-related improvements

-Polling drift fix to stabilize input latency

-The 1.03 controller fix, which features 8 Gamecube controller improvements

-Z button jump remapping to remove the need for claw grip

-Improvements to stage select screen UI and 5 of the 6 tournament-legal stages (frozen PS, frozen FD, no wind DL64, no Shy Guys YS, neutral start FoD)

-Built-in crew battle support

-Customizable music for each of the 6 tournament-legal stages as well as the main menu

-Up to one and a half frames of latency reduction for lightning-fast gameplay

-Perfect angles, C-stick tilts, and a tap jump toggle via the Controls menu


1.03 Manual and Installation

1.03 is created by Hax$ and Altimor.