1.03 Memory Card

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Stealth Edition is now available!

The FGC’s Altimor has assisted us in creating a revolutionary new memory card! 1.03 transforms your Melee setup by providing it with all of the must-have features.

-Polling drift fix to stabilize input latency

-The 1.03 controller fix, which consists of 11 Gamecube controller improvements

-Improvements to stage select screen UI and 5 of the 6 tournament legal stages (frozen PS, frozen FD, neutral start FoD, no wind DL64, no Shy Guys YS)

-And much more...

Version Differences

-Tournament Edition does not include recreational controls, making it ideal for competitive use

-Legacy Edition includes a Controls rotator with perfect angles, C-stick tilts, and tap jump toggle options

-Stealth Edition contains the polling drift fix and 1.03 controller fix, which do not visibly alter the game