B0XX Updater

How to Use:

Select COMPort, press update.  A prompt should show saying reading and writing, then another prompt saying B0XX Updated.  If any errors arise at all, see troubleshooting below.  


Firmware v2.01

Melee Patch v2.01 - Fixed MX + MY + Start = DPad Up.
Ultimate Patch v0.9
Native USB Patch v1.2 - Fixed SOCD on Keyboard.
Patch Notes: Tournament legal and recommended patch. Currently Shipping with B0XX order 1303 and on.


Firmware v2.00

Melee Patch v2.0
Ultimate Patch v0.9
Native USB Patch v1.1
Patch Notes: Tournament legal patch. Shipped with B0XX order 1271 - 1303.


Firmware v1.00

Melee Patch v1.0
Ultimate Patch v0.6
Native USB Patch v1.0
Patch Notes:  Tournament legal launch patch.  Shipped with B0XX orders below 1270.



Not working on Mayflash 4-Port? Update the adapters drivers

libusb0.dll or other .dll errors.  Install WINAVR dependency