20MX Button Kit

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Take your game to the next level with the 20MX Button Kit, a replacement kit that swaps Sanwa OSBF-24 switches for industry grade Gateron Clear mechanical keyboard switches. An essential for dedicated B0XX users.

Sanwa switches are rated for 1 million key presses, whereas Gateron Clear switches are rated for 50 million. Gateron Clear switches are smooth, linear, and have a similar featherweight actuation force (35g).

The DIY 20MX Button Kit takes approximately 30 minutes to install. The kit comes with tools that assist with installation.

Kits are in stock and ready to ship.

Note: The 20MX kit no longer includes the spade terminals for standard arcade controllers by default.  Please contact support@b0xx.com with your order number and we can add them at no extra charge.