R2 B0XX - DIY Brooks Kit

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Upgrade your R2 B0XXes functionality with a Brook Board.  Kits are in-stock and usually ship within 1-3 business days.

Installation instructions will be sent via email and can also be accessed using the !brookinstall command in our Discord.


"Hardwired" Brook Kit includes:

1 - 1 ft USB A to B Cable

1 - CNC Acrylic Mounting Plate

1 - 20 Pin Ribbon Cable

6 - Long and Short Jumper Wires (For remapping)

3 - 2 Pin Jumper Caps

This kit works on virtually any Brook board with the 20 Pin Header.  

Maps buttons to default fighting game layout used by fight sticks.


"Remap" Brook Kit includes:

1 - 1 ft USB A to B Cable

1 - CNC Acrylic Mounting Plate

1 - Custom Harness for Data Transfer

1 - Custom software for Brook PS3 / PS4 Fighting Board Plus

This kit only works on the Brook PS3 / PS4 Fighting Board Plus, and allows full control of analog sticks and custom button mappings. 

The Brook PS3 / PS4 Audio board is not compatible as well as UFB, Wireless, and Retro.  Nunchuk will also not work with this kit (regardless if Brooks is used or not).


Brooks board is sold separately for all kits.